Project scope consists of roadway paving, storm sewer repairs, new water main and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

· All new asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer repairs
· Water main replacement and upsizing with new homeowner water services
· Driveway apron repairs and replacement
. Parkway sod restoration

Project Timeline
May 2013 – Start of Construction
August 2013 – End of Construction

Friday, September 20, 2013

Underground Utility Construction Completed.

North of East Lake Avenue: The contractor completed the storm sewer improvements along Ralmark Lane, Bellwood Lane, and Longmeadow Drive. The contractor also performed general site clean-up, removal of construction equipment, and rough grading of the landscape areas.

Last week, south of East Lake Avenue, the landscaping sub-contractor completed the sod installation. The contractor also completed some minor work to adjust fire hydrants and valve boxes. 
All underground utility work has now been completed for the project. The remaining items associated with this contract to be completed include grading and installing topsoil, site clean-up, adjustments of structures and fire hydrants, remaining water main testing, and other miscellaneous tasks. The contractor is currently scheduled to be on-site through the middle of next week performing most of this remaining work and complete this portion of the construction.

The landscape sub-contractor is currently scheduled to install and grade topsoil north of East Lake Avenue next week. The contractor will install the topsoil within 2 feet of the existing curb & gutter. Sod will not be installed until after the roadway work has been completed.

All roadways within the project limits will be rehabilitated with the 2013 Road Improvement Program. We are currently working with the contractor to get this work scheduled.

We understand this has been a long summer of construction for all the residents. We appreciate all of your patience and understanding as the underground utility work is complete and we transition to the roadway rehabilitation phase of the project.