Project scope consists of roadway paving, storm sewer repairs, new water main and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

· All new asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer repairs
· Water main replacement and upsizing with new homeowner water services
· Driveway apron repairs and replacement
. Parkway sod restoration

Project Timeline
May 2013 – Start of Construction
August 2013 – End of Construction

Monday, September 16, 2013

Water Main Improvements Completed

North of East Lake Avenue: The contractor completed the remaining water main work including installing water services along Bellwood Drive and Longmeadow Drive and making the final connections between the new and existing water main systems. The contractor also installed the new storm sewer along Longmeadow Drive from Bellwood Lane to Ralmark Lane.

Last week, south of East Lake Avenue, the contractor completed the asphalt trench patching within the roadway. The landscaping contractor also completed the grading and installation of topsoil. The contractor also completed some miscellaneous repairs and site clean-up.

South of East Lake Avenue: The landscape sub-contractor is anticipated to begin installing sod on Monday, September 16th. We appreciate your patience with the sod installation and waiting for more favorable growing conditions.

North of East Lake Avenue: Next week, the contractor will continue to complete storm sewer installations along Bellwood and Ralmark Lane. The landscaping sub-contractor will also begin grading and installing topsoil in preparation for sod restoration.

All of the water main installation, including water services and connections to the existing system are completed for the entire project.

The remaining underground utility work remaining includes storm sewer installations and repairs on the north side of East Lake Avenue.

The contractor is currently scheduled to be completed with all underground utility improvements by September 20th.

Once the underground utility improvements are completed, the roadway will be rehabilitated with the 2013 Road Improvement Program.

Thank you for your patience during the construction operations and numerous interruptions to your water service throughout the project. We are nearing the end of the underground utility improvements of the project and will soon be concentrating on the landscape restoration and roadway rehabilitation.